About Bond Chem

As a company we are the leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, especially pertaining to footwear and other allied fields. Our Products are marketed throughout india and enjoy an excellent goodwill that is second to none, worldwide leading technologies and raw materials from world renowned manufacturers(e.g. Buyer, Denka, Dupont, Toyosoda, etc.)are being used in our process and we have a plant capacity of 25 laces liters of adhesives per annum which can be increased readily depending upon the market demand. We have branch offices in all major metros and towns such as Mumbai, NewDelhi ,Agra, Kanpur, Dehradun, Vijaywada and Chenni with a head office in kolkata.
Bond Chem India pvt Ltd setup in 1985 is the second unit of the group.Today,the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesive in the country.Our business strategies are driven by our ideology which focuses on delivery effective products and quality service to customers.We aim to achive this by : Responding to markets need more rapidly than comprtitors,building our science and technology strengths.These are the fundamental aims held across all the areas of our business.In this leaflet we provide a preliminary introduction of our few important grades of adhesives.