Dimond PU 9000

Base: Polyurethane Elastomer.
Application: Specially designed for export quality shoes, mainly TPR and PU soles.
Solid Content:

19% + -2

Color: Colourless clear viscous liquid.
Viscosity: 1500 cps at 300 C.
Caution: Highly inflammble. Replace lid immediately after partial use. Store in a cool dry place. To avoid wastage, mix only amount required.
Application Procedure: It is preferable to mix 4-6% (by volume) cross linking agent (ikadur-c/cl) with Diamond PU 1100 stir well to get a homogeneous mixture, then apply a thin coat of mixture on the surface and both the substrates, after waiting 30mins, reactive the surface to 80 degree to 90 degree. For 2 mins join the immediately under highest applicable uniform pressure.
Packaging: 25 Litres, & 5 Litres.