Diamond SR 999

Base: Synthetic Rubber.
Application: High quality Footwear grade for sole pasting. Fast Drying, very long open time. High initial & final strength and good heat resistance property.
Solid Content: 23% + -2
Color: Tan
Viscosity: 2200 cps at 30C.
Caution: Highly inflammble, Store in a cool dry place.
Application Procedure: Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are even clean, dry and free oil & greas.Porous substrates like leather may require two coats for superior bonding, wait for 30 mins to allow the solvent to evaporate. Place the coated surfaces one above the other, while the adhesive remains tacky and then press the coated surfaces firmly together.
Packaging: 25 Litres & 5 Litres