Dimond Sprayable

Base: Synthetic Rubber.
Application: Most suitable for any large area where brushing in not possible nor economical, in that industries like seat making liner fixing furniture and floring.
Solid Content: 20% *2
Color: Tan.
Viscosity: 100 cps at 300 degree C.
Caution: Spraying should be done in awell ventilated place. Hyghly infammable. Store in cool dry place. During use the applicator nozzle is to kept away from human body. After usage of the spray gun solvent should be used to avoid clogging.
Application Procedure: Shake the adhesive before use. The surface should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and oil. The adhesive should be applied either by airless or air spray gun. The general nozzle diameter is minimum 1.5 to 2 mm with average pressure of 4-6 kg / sq.cm.
Packaging: 25 Litres, & 5 Litres.